Thursday, 9 July 2015

Business Intelligence: A catalyst for change management (Case Study of Loral International Schools Organization)

Business Intelligence: A catalyst for change management (Case Study of Loral International Schools Organization)
Udoh Maurice1
1Master Student in Clark University, Russian-American Research Center, Russian Federation

Abstract Today’s business management is faced with a lot of challenges due to the prevailing business environment. The globalization faced with new market penetration, accessing resources more economically, fast information processing and sharing with relevant stakeholders are more than enough reasons to force business managers to seek a CHANGE for a  better and technological approach to handle management of business operations. The evolution of business intelligence(BI) therefore becomes the preferred business tool to drive its processes in an attempt to meet up with the target of a better-cheaper-faster business results. This research work is aimed at outlining the basic concept of business intelligence / change management, functions of business intelligence in an enterprise, how to transform from a nominal business to a business intelligence(BI) environment and its impact analysis. Loral international Schools Organization is a case study of planned implementation of business intelligence using System Application Products(SAP).
Keywords Benchmarking, business intelligence, SAP, data mining, change management and impact analysis.

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  1. Today, the global community is undergoing global changes caused by penetration information technology into all spheres of life. Analytics is still a relatively new field for academics. But there is no doubt that the need for analytically trained professionals is growing fast. The author of article owns professional modern business intelligence tools. And, most importantly, it was inspected the application of business intelligence in education. The greatest respect to author, because very little information on the matter. The trends that determine the development of business intelligence were highlighted in the medium term in the context International Schools Organization. The role of the analyst's information resources to ensure completeness of data collection, adapting software to the specific subject field. Very deep article

  2. Business Intelligence and knowledge Management Systems course has exposed me to the 'how to go about managing information for solutions to information gaps for achieving a long term goal of my organisation and being in the fore front in a competitive world. More credit goes to the author of this article.

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  4. The demand for relevant information for business processes has never been higher than now. Thanks to the author for this insightful and thought provoking work on the role of Business Intelligence in information management. It may be a new field or concept as it were but its impact is already being felt across the business world.Business Intelligence seeks to redefine the way information is gathered, processed and presented so that it could be readily available for use by decision makers within the private and the public sectors of the world economy.
    This work couldn't come at a better time than now where information accessibility is a challenge for business operators in a developing nation like Nigeria.I hope the concept of Business Intelligence, if well applied will go a long way in changing the business environment and fortunes of business operators the world over particularly in the less developed nations of the world.


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