Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Design a Planar Antenna of Integrated Microwave Imaging Radar for Detecting Earlier Breast Cancer

Abstract In this paper, a compact design and construction of micro strip feed planar antenna comprising both coupling and decoupling structure is presented. Each antenna element working under wider frequency range of about 2-16 GHz. To achieve a better imaging radar tool a dedicated radar transceiver is proposed. Segmentation is applied to the decoupled image from transceiver. After, a novel hybrid artifact removal algorithm for microwave breast imaging applications is presented, which combines the best attributes of two existing algorithms to effectively remove the early-stage artifact while preserving the tumor dynamic range of bandwidth is proposed. . The main concern of this project is to diagnose the benign tissue at the earliest as most cancer cells are completely curable at the earlier stage. The tool is best suited for diagnosis of earliest breast cancer causing tumor cells having resolution of about 3 mm. 

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