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Engineering Journal: December 2019

Engineering Journal: published its volume-5, Issue-12, December 2019 with AD Publications

The Use of Cyperus canus J. Presl as Raw Material for Handicrafts in Tabasco

Abstract This paper explores the use of Cañita by artisans of Nacajuca, Tabasco, Mexico to elaborate commercial crafts. This plant occurs naturally, but its demand by artisans has increased, which could lead to the gradual extinction of wild populations. The aim of this study is to provide introductory information on Cañita (C. canus): botanical description, agricultural production and artisanal use. The conclusion is that despite the economic and agronomic advantages of this plant, the system of artisanal production and the socio cultural environment of the families that work with it do not contribute to the sustainability of the production of Cañita, which is the limiting factor for the production processes related to commercial tourism and the capacity of artisans to make long-term decisions.

Keywords artisans, extinction, agricultural production, socio cultural.

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The influence of the environment factors and the surface treatment on Stress Corrosion Cracking of Type 304 Austenitic Stainless Steel

Abstract The aim of this work is to understand the combined effects of stress, temperature, humidity and chloride ion on the susceptibility of stress corrosion cracking (SCC) of type 304 austenitic stainless steel. The occurrence of SCC was investigated using the as received (cold work), sensitized samples those are exposed to the environmental test chamber at 40oC and 70oC, respectively. The humidity from 40% to 70% RH with gradient of 10% was applied during the corrosion test lasted 720h. The results showed the environmental conditions where SCC crack can be occurred and where it can be avoided. The initiation and the propagating of SCC crack on the flat and U-bend specimens were grown up to correspond to the increasing of test temperature. Very high stress corrosion cracking can be observed in the period of low relative humidity (40%) and temperature (40oC).

Keywords— SCC, austenitic, cold work, sensitized, chloride ion.

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