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Engineering Journal: July 2020

Engineering Journal: published its volume-6, Issue-7, July 2020 with AD Publications

Retrofitting of Soft Storey Building by using Different Bracing System due to Seismic Load

Abstract In the present study an attempt has been made to evaluate an existing building located in seismic zone V using equivalent static analysis. Indian Standard IS-1893:2002 (Part-1) is followed for the equivalent static analysis procedure. Building is modeled in commercial software STAAD Pro. Seismic force demand for each individual member is calculated for the design base shear as required by IS-1893:2002. Corresponding member capacity is calculated as per Indian Standard IS456:2000. Deficient members are identified through demand-to-capacity ratio. A number of beams and column elements in the first floor of the present building are found to be deficient that needs retrofitting. A local retrofitting strategy is adopted to upgrade the capacity of the deficient members. This study shows that steel jacketing is an efficient way to retrofit RC members to improve flexure as well as shear capacity.

Keywords RETROFITT, Earthquake, Composite, Conventional, Frame, Steel, Reinforced Concrete, Structure, Multi-storey, SMRF, Framed structures, Maximum Axial Force, STAAD PRO.(V8i) series 4.

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A Review on Need of Adopting Renewable Energy in India

Abstract India became the world 3rd largest producer and 3rd largest consumer of electricity. The rapid increase in energy consumption in the present scenario and is moving fast towards the development of civilization.[1] Today we are dependent on fossil fuels to power our homes and to fuel our vehicles and mostly we are using the fossil fuels as a primarily heating medium. The huge consumption of fossil fuels has caused a severe damage to our environment and also these resources are limited and expensive but we are only seeing our convenience as we all know it very easy to use coal, oil & natural gas for meeting our requirements. To meet the crisis of energy in India it has been experienced to renewable sources like wind energy, geothermal energy, solar energy, tidal energy, bio-gas energy, etc. In this paper we have initiated to study about the renewable energy resources of the country. [4] In this research paper we have identified the utilization of renewable sources and their benefits to prevent our environment from the pollution created by the fossil fuels.

Keywords— Energy crisis, Fossil Fuels, Geothermal energy, Solar energy, Tidal energy, Wind energy.

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