Thursday 16 September 2021

Engineering Journal May 2021

Engineering Journal: published its volume-7, Issue-5, May 2021 with AD Publications

Prototype of a Monitoring System Based on the Arduino Platform and the Paradigm of Pan-Tilt Movement

Abstract The following article presents the implementation of a low cost property security system through the use of the Arduino Uno board, which has a reasonable processing capacity and the ability to manipulate devices that perform functions of robotics and embedded instrumentation. The programming was carried out through the Servo.h library, which follows the Arduino integrated development environment (IDE) and functions designed to read analog and digital signals. The current prototype is formed by a webcam attached to a Pan-Tilt support, composed by two servomotors and being controlled through a 2-axis potentiometer joystick that allows the vertical and horizontal movement of the prototype. The captured images were recorded using software made available by the camera manufacturer. Consequently, the laptop used in the project played the role of a digital network video recorder (NVR) while discarding the need to use a video monitor. In this way, an electronic monitoring system was obtained, capable of functioning as an effective protection instrument.

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Person Re-identification

Abstract Person re-identification could be essential operation for any multi-camera observation situation. Until presently, it has been performed by misusing fundamentally appearance prompts, hypothesizing that the people cannot alter their clothes. In this paper, we unwind this limitation by displaying a set of 3D soft-biometric signals, being uncaring to appearance varieties that are assembled utilizing RGB-D innovation. The point utilizes of these characteristics gives empowering exhibitions on a benchmark of 79 individuals that have been captured in different days and with different clothing. This advances a novel investigate heading for the re-identification community, backed moreover by the reality that an unused of affordable of RGB-D cameras have as of late attacked the around the world advertise.

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